About us

The Treasure Hunt Begins Here...

If you like a really good yard sale, finding great bargains, saving lots of money, love to treasure hunt, or a collector of unique items, then The Yard Sale Place is your yard sale headquarters!

In brief, we provide a win - win situation for the whole community. We provide a fun, enjoyable shopping location and great savings for our customers. A stress free environment for our consigners where we do all the work for them. Then we recycle unsold items back to our local, non-profit, charitable companies continuing the chance of someone else finding a new treasure and reducing the amount of items going to our local landfills.

We provide a central location that is easy to get to and from anywhere in the valley. We are located only 1-1/2 miles from the Garrity Blvd and I-84 freeway exit in Nampa, ID. We currently have 1,000+ shoppers visiting us every month for our huge sales! Our treasures only have 3 weeks to sell or they are removed and donated to a local charity. Other words, we have a very fast turnover of treasures for you. It never gets old and boring around here.

Thank you and God bless!